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"I leave this experience with critical skills to assess my own self-esteem and assist others...
 and a knowledge base to add to
my professional skill set."
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Lynne Tyree
Dept. Human Services, Cambridge
marion davis & liz walkerSelf Esteem Boston Educational Institute (Self Esteem Boston), is a tax exempt nonprofit charitable organization.  Founded in 1993 by Marion B. Davis, initiated by her experience in the development of her own self-esteem.  Marion founded Self Esteem Boston with the vision of providing self-esteem programs to everyone in the Greater Boston area regardless of ability to pay. Self Esteem Boston’s programs blossomed into a dynamic service delivery program for individuals in shelters and transitional facilities across Boston and is working to fill several gaps in services for people at-risk in eastern Massachusetts.

Self Esteem Boston is funded by a public/private partnership of State Government and private foundations.

For 24 years, our agency has helped over 75,000 service providers, individuals and families build their
Self-esteem and essential life skills as a foundation for building healthy relationships and job readiness.

We do this by providing participants with:

1)  education about the principles of self-esteem and how it determines the quality of our lives
2)  training in concrete skill development
3)  support towards making effective, healthy life choices

Self Esteem Boston’s programs have become important to a wide variety of health, educational and skill development programs such as job readiness programs, substance abuse recovery, prerelease programs, domestic violence shelter and transitional living programs, shelters and transitional programs, human service programs, and public health programs. It is our belief that all of these programs are our potential partners.
  2016 Annual Update

  Marion Davis
Marion B. Davis, Founder, Executive Director, is an inspiring, energetic and dynamic visionary leader.  She originated the idea of Self Esteem Boston in 1993 with a vision of providing self-esteem programs to everyone in the Boston area regardless of their ability to pay.  Marion oversees all program operations.

Over the past decade, Marion has hosted both radio and television programs on self-esteem on Boston Cable Television.  In 1999, she was Host and Producer of "Speaking Up: Elders Taking Action on Health Care Issues", a 12-part cable television show for senior citizens on advocating for ones self in the health care system.  She has appeared on WBZ Radio on the David Brudnoy Show and the Norm Nathan Show, Channel 4 News, WB56 News, WHDH Channel 7 News, and public service programs City Line and Urban Update. She has been featured in Boston Globe and North Shore Sunday articles, and was chosen as the Boston and Cambridge TAB's "Person of the Year" in 1999.
  Jeri Levitt, M.A.
Co-Founder of Self Esteem Boston and brings 33 years of experience in the public and nonprofit sector in program/policy development, policy research, and community outreach.  Jeri oversees all administrative and program scheduling operations.