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Training for Groups

It's a Fact:
Clients who believe in themselves and their own self worth are more likely to succeed. Employees and staff who feel valued are more likely to enjoy their work and go the extra mile for their clients.

High self-esteem means success for your agency, organization, or institution.

Self Esteem Boston is a Community Service Training Provider, with 100% of the proceeds of our programs subsidizing programs for women in shelters and transitional programs in the Boston Region. We use a skill based approach to education that encourages self-discovery and awareness. Choose from more than 50 topics for clients in group settings and/or staff professional development.

We will bring staff training programs or direct client services directly to your agency, organization, or institution; or choose from a choice of venues including Charles River Retreats.

CLIENT PROGRAMS for Community Agencies
Reduce recidivism and relapse with innovative life-skills programs that teach clients how to:
• Build Self-Esteem
• Take control of their lives
• Handle life’s challenges effectively
• Increase their feelings of self-worth

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~ YOUR WORTH IT 6 hr. Job Readiness Program > learn more

STAFF TRAINING PROGRAMS for Community Agencies  > learn more
Motivate your staff with dynamic, interactive professional development programs and continuing education programs that teach employees how to:
• Build confidence
• Improve co-worker relationships
• Manage workplace stress
• Build self-esteem and reinforce self-esteem skills with clients
• Improve communication skills
• Improve team-building and conflict resolution skills