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Client Progams for Community Agencies

Skills For Success (1-hour programs available in 52 topic areas)

Self Esteem Boston delivers quality, life-enhancing, on-site direct service programs at facilities such as homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, transitional recovery programs, career centers, vocational rehabilitation programs for people with disabilities, and tenant assistance programs in the Greater Boston Area.

The Skills for Success Program is divided into three categories:

1)  Skills for Building Confidence
2)  Skills for Self-Improvement
3)  Skills for Responsible Relationships

The categories consist of three units, containing 4 or 5 modules each.  You may select a program by category, unit or module, or you may choose one of our recommended Special Program Packages for specific arenas.  Our staff will assist you in obtaining a program that best suits your needs.

Our dynamic Skills for Success program is based on the latest research on self-esteem development.  Each module is designed to help participants develop their sense of self-competence and self-worth, the two necessary components of healthy self-esteem.  We provide the knowledge, skills, and tools to help participants navigate life’s challenges and to feel that they deserve to go for more in life.

It is our core belief that when people feel better about themselves they do better.  When people believe they are capable of learning and growth and when they accept their inherent self-worth, they can and do live richer and more productive lives.  We strive every day to help people transform their lives—from the inside out.

The teaching staff at Self Esteem Boston uses a self-esteem based approach (PDF) to training which encourages self-discovery.  Our interactive workshops combine exciting presentations by our expert staff with experiential activities and discussion to engage workshop participants in cooperative learning.  By creating an atmosphere of acceptance and trust, ideas are shared freely and new knowledge is more easily assimilated.  Relaxation, variety and fun combine to create the high interest level necessary for optimal retention and positive change.

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