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Self-Esteem for Success is a ground-breaking intensive self-esteem program designed with client input to address the priority issues that clients identified as most important for their family in being able to navigate their lives. This 16-hour program can be delivered over the course of 8-weeks in two-hour sessions, or in two-hour sessions per week, over the course of 4-weeks. This program includes homework, and program activities include exercises using the four SAVI learning styles: Somatic (How to get people moving and doing), Auditory (talking and hearing), Visual (observing and picturing), and Intellectual (problem solving and reflecting) to assist families to learn in a variety of learning styles.
Cost: $5,000

NEW YOU'RE WORTH IT: Job Readiness Program for Women in Transitional Programs
This six-hour program build's women's confidence, assertiveness, leadership, integrity and interpersonal skills using a strength-based approach; preparing women to bridge the gap from shelters and transitional programs to education/training and the job search process.
Cost: $2,500

* Ask about the New Real Financial Literacy Program This 10-hour program, delivered in collaboration with The WAGE Project, is comprised of confidence-building and the skills necessary to prepare job-seeking women and men to develop self-confidence, traditional financial literacy in budgeting and money management, and hard skill training in salary determination and negotiation. What set's this project apart from other programs are all its unique components.